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Request an appointment!

Booking Guidelines:


1. Please be aware that our services are available exclusively within select districts of Metro Manila.


2. Prior to arranging an appointment, confirm that your pet is a minimum of 16 weeks old and has received all necessary vaccinations, including the 5-in-1 and rabies shots, as administered by a licensed veterinarian.


3. For optimal availability, we strongly advise booking your appointment at least one week before your desired date. For those interested in establishing a routine grooming schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), we offer customized arrangements. Please discuss your needs with us in advance so we can accommodate you with the most convenient scheduling options.

Mode of payment:

Thank you for your submission. We appreciate your interest and would like to inform you that the date you have requested is currently under review. We will ensure to follow up on your inquiry promptly and provide you with a confirmation as soon as we can.

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